Gilead sciences, Inc.

Beyond the Diagnosis


From 2007 – 2011 Cornerstone conducted a large-scale multi-year national partnership with Gilead Sciences to build awareness of HIV treatment options among underserved communities in multiple cities including Los Angeles; Detroit; Fort Lauderdale; Jackson, MS; Baltimore, MD and San Antonio, TX.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. commissioned Cornerstone to create and produce Beyond the Diagnosis, a series of plays aimed at addressing HIV treatment issues in the African-America community.

The focus of this project was on empowering patients to become more assertive in taking charge of their relationships with their health care providers and advocating for quality attention and treatment.

“We know that people learn best from other people. To learn how to dance, you don’t watch a PowerPoint. Someone has to take your hand.”
— Deborah Wafer, Gilead Sciences, Inc.
“If I don’t fight this, it’s gonna take me out. So me and God had a conversation. I said, if this is what you want me to do, you have to engulf me in a group of people who will be my support network.”
— Latasha Booth, community participant