California community foundation

Where I’m From


For the launch of their Centennial celebration, The California Community Foundation commissioned Cornerstone to create and perform an original play highlighting the diverse experiences and aspirations of Los Angeles residents.

Past participants in Cornerstone productions were invited to share their stories and help shape the future of their community. It was performed again in Grand Park, at a KPCC Unheard LA event and for a staff retreat of the LA City Housing Department.


L.A. County is a big place, but everyone has a story. Cornerstone Theater Company performs "Where I'm From" written by Michael John Garcés and directed by Daniel Penilla. Featuring Marcenus "M.C." Earl, Natalie Venegas, Jared Ross, Bethany "B" Nava, Kenneth Ramos and Cecilia Dominguez. Video produced by Intangible Productions.